How to Lose Weight: Eight Habits of Lean People

habits of lean people

We all have one of those friends– the kind who stays slim and seems to eat anything they want. It makes you wonder how they do it. While searching for these “secrets,” people often overlook the simplicity of adopting healthy lifestyle habits that support a slim waist and healthy weight. While different strategies work for different people, scientific evidence indicates that individuals who effectively maintain a lean shape over time stick to similar eating and activity habits.

Let’s dig deeper and check out their surprisingly simple habits that keep them slim every day without ever having to think, worry, or stress about it…


Hatbit 1 – Exercise & Move Daily

Regular exercise speeds up your metabolism, and it builds momentum to make better food choices.

They take the stairs, walk, and play recreational sports simply because they enjoy moving. Why do they enjoy moving? Because it’s easy for them. It’s easy for them because they move. The more they move the easier and more enjoyable movement becomes, weird huh?

All that extra movement adds up to a lot of calories.

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Hatbit 2 – Stay Aware of Your Body Stats

It’ll keep you from “accidentally” gaining 10-20 lbs.

I like to weigh myself daily and look at weekly averages + take waist & chest measures every 4-6 weeks.

weight your self

Habit 3 – Eat Similar Foods Most Days

This decreases the number of food-related decisions you make.

Why does that help? Bexause the more food decisions you make, the more likely you’ll be to make a “bad” choice.

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Habit 4 – Learn How To Read & Control Hunger

You’ve gotta understand the difference between physical & mental hunger…
If you’re *really* hungry, you’ll eat anything.
If you crave a specific food, that’s mental.
The foods you eat most days (Habit 3) should help you get & stay full.

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Habit 5 – They eat a lot infrequently

You may see them eat a lot when you’re out at the bar but the reality is that their weekly total calories might be lower than yours. The truth is average weekly calories matters and your progress is the sum of many good decisions, not one or two bad ones.

Habit 6 – They get adequate sleep

Sleep is the unsung hero of fat loss. Have you ever heard the expression “sleep is prime fat-burning time?” Sleep acts as a big reset button for hormones, stress and motivation.

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Habit 7 – Lean people eat protein with every meal.

Protein is the foundation for a strong physique. Protein keeps us satisfied via hormonal signaling, keeps blood sugar stable, blunts negative effects of cortisol and keeps the immune system in tip-top shape.

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Habit 8 – Always Get Back on Track

No matter how big the meal out, heavy duty drinking session, or monumental slip-up, they’re straight back to following their daily plan.

Their thinking is completely different. They don’t think they’ve screwed everything up, ruined all their hard work, or decide to indulge in a 6000 calorie blow out because ‘what’s the point?’

Don’t let one night out turn into a week of bad choices. Consistency beats perfection.


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