Surprising 100-Calorie Snacks to Keep You Going

Did you know that not all healthy foods are low calorie? This is a common mistake people make, and it make sense because healthy eating often leads to fat loss.

But you still need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, no matter how healthy you are eating.

Here are some great foods that are healthy and low calorie! These can help you achieve your goal!

1. 1 Cup of Blueberries

Don’t let their small size fool you: Blueberries are packed with impressive benefits for weight and health.

A single cup of fresh blueberries packs roughly 14.6 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C, making it a good source of the antioxidant. Plus, 1 cup of fresh blueberries only has about 86 calories.

Keep them a little frozen and you’ve got a crunchy, sweet treat

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2. 1 Cup of Strawberries

A 1-cup serving of sliced strawberries is a good source of fiber with about 3 g and is an excellent source of vitamin C with 97.6 mg per cup, according to the USDA. At the same time, these red fruits set you back only 53 calories.

3. 6 Cups Microwave Popcorn

When you want a large snack with a small calorie count, popcorn delivers. Some microwave brands have just 100 calories in 6 cups.

It’s also high in fiber, which can help you stay full longer.

4. 25 Pistachios (2/3-ounces)

Get crackin’ on these small but mighty nuts, which pack in brain-boosting omega-3s, heart-healthy potassium, and plant protein. Plus, these green pods are the lowest calorie nut, providing just under 100 calories for 25!

5. Mini Quesadilla

You may not expect cheese quesadillas to make a list of low-calorie snacks, but try this recipe: sprinkle an ounce of grated low-fat cheddar cheese over a corn tortilla. Fold in half and microwave for 20 seconds. This quick and tasty snack has only 100 calories and 1.3 g of saturated fat.

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6. 14 Almonds

You can eat 14 almonds without hitting the 100-calorie mark. Plus, they’re rich in fiber and protein, which help keep hunger at bay.

7. 1/2 Cup of Oatmeal

When the afternoon slump rolls around, toss some oats into the microwave. A ½-cup serving of oatmeal cooked in water contains just 83 calories, according to the USDA. You’ll also get 4 g of fiber, which will help keep you full and also regulate bowel movements.

8. 1/4 Cup of Dried Cranberries – 100 calories

Dried cranberries make a tangy treat that’s easy to eat on the go. Plus, this snack is loaded with antioxidants like quercetin, which can help reduce harmful oxidative damage in the body.

9. Apple and Peanut Butter

Craving something crunchy and nutty? Fresh apple slices and peanut butter are the perfect combination to keep you going until your next main meal.

50g sliced apple: 26kcal

12g (1tsp) peanut butter: 70kcal

optional sprinkling of cinnamon (calories nominal)

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10. Six Whole-Grain Pretzel Sticks

For those who don’t like nuts, pretzels are just as convenient when you’re on the move. To stay under 100 calories, stick to six whole-grain pretzel sticks. This snack is cholesterol-free, low in fat and sugar, and provides more than 3 g of fiber to help tide you over.

11. 1/3 Cup of Edamame

Edamame (soybeans) is loaded with protein and fiber. You’ll also get a little bit of satiating fat. It’s this trio of nutrients that makes a good, satisfying snack. Best of all, a 1/3-cup of the shelled variety packs only 75 calories.

12. 3/4 Cup Frozen Mango Cubes

You can buy these pre-packaged or make them yourself. It’s a great way to get beta-carotene and fiber while satisfying your sweet tooth. A 3/4 cup serving has just 90 calories and provides 60% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.

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